At our goal is to make learning English fun. That's why we create highly engaging, animated books and stories written just for children, to encourage them to read. As students watch our animated books and stories, they quickly build vocabulary and fluency in a natural and authentic way. Each story comes with its own printable book and MP3 and quiz, and we continually add content to our site by publishing a new story each day, from Monday to Friday. The site currently features about 10,000 animated books and stories .
The provides a digital library of resources (maybe free or unfree) for students to learn for fun and practice. Its dynamic homepage makes it easy for students to quickly find relevant, high-interest content that excites them. Students can also “favorite” books and view popular texts at their reading level based on what other students favorite. Additional content is organized into categories and presented at each student’s level, meaning students see the resources most relevant to them first.  
Many educators agree that the best way to learn a new language is by immersion, with plenty of opportunities to speak and listen to the new language. With children, this approach seems to work particularly well; for example, kids moving to a different country often pick up the new language much more quickly than their parents and older siblings!
At, we aim to recreate an immersion experience by developing content that is rich in English and of high-interest to children. We publish kid-friendly books, and stories that range from simple tales about basic concepts to mysteries, fantasies, biographies, and classics. By animating this content, we make learning English fun, and encourage readers to come back for more.
The curriculum is structured by level, with readers progressing from Levels in each course as they regularly watch our animated content. Learners at Levels read stories with carefully controlled vocabulary, sentence length, and sentence structure. As students gradually work their way toward the higher levels, they begin to encounter more complex vocabulary and sentence structure. In this way, students quickly gain confidence and build their English language proficiency.

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